Entries of inline list click into Form input sheet

Hii all
In my app, I have the following flow
Home → Inline List → once user chooses an option (Assume ‘A’) ->another inline list → user chooses assume option ‘P’ → a form opens (Form_input) - > Submit

At present I get all the inputs into a sheet from the Form.
I have two separate sheets for the inline lists.

But I need the inputs A and B( I.e the user selections of inline list) in the same row and sheet as of the For(Form_input).

How can I do this.

Please help.

You could create a custom action, so when a user clicks on an inline list item, it first sets a column value in the user profile sheet. Then when when the get to the form, you should be able to retrieve those values from the user profile.

Thanks for the response @Jeff_Hager

Really appreciate it. Need some further help with this.

1.There is also some data that I am collecting anonymously (not user specific). In this case what do u suggest?

  1. How to link data (the inline list input) from user profile sheet to the Form_input sheet, in the same row.

only a beginner on glide… kindly help.

Thanks in advance.

Anything I mentioned does not involve user specific columns. Just the user profile sheet. Do you have a user profile sheet?

To answer you second question, when you have user profiles enabled, then all columns in that user profile sheet are accessible everywhere else in the app, including forms.

The suggestion is to temporary store values in the user profile, do you can access them everywhere else in the app.

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I had the similar problem. While i can enter data in user profile sheet, i couldn’t fetch it in other sheet as each time a different row is added in user profile sheet.Is there anyway to overwrite data in same cell and then import that cell in the column of another sheet? please help.

@wildhack You should be editing or using a set column action to update the existing row instead of using a form or add row, which will always add a new row.

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Thanks Jeff! that helped

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