Passing existing User Profile data with a form submission?

I’m using a form component for ordering products. I’d like to pass existing values from a user’s profile (first and last name, phone, email, address, etc.) to a Submissions sheet and not require them to enter that info. The only special value I can use is email.

In the sheet powering the form, I can’t create a single relation to the Profile sheet as there’s no user email column

I know I can create a relation in the Submission sheet and use lookups to pull in those profile values based on email special value. But that data won’t display outside the Glide editor.

I think the only (messy) solution is using a single value column type in the Form sheet to pull in the values I want. But those values replicate themselves across all rows in the Form sheet. Is that something to worry about?

Somewhat relatedly, I’m using Row IDs on just about everything. Not sure if Unique Identifier special value ties into that.

Thanks for any tips.

It’s possible that you could create a tab with the profile sheet. In other words, powering the form with the user sheet. Then, build your page and add the button for submitting orders to this tab.

This way, you can pass user information directly to the form by assigning user column values to the form fields.

On the product sheet that has your form button, create template columns that pull values from the user profiles sheet. Then each product will have the signed in user’s data available in the form.

Ah, interesting approach. Hiccup is the Form sheet lists 10-20 product choices along with several options that tie into choice components on the order form. I’m not sure how I would marry that to a Profile sheet with 50+ existing users.

Thanks, Jeff. Wasn’t aware of that option. Interestingly, it’s the same result as us when using Single value.

Single value will always pull from the first row of the sheet you are getting the value from. Template with User Profile will pull data for the signed in user. If you are the signed in user, they your info will populate on every row. If someone else is signed in, then their info will populate each row. It’s dynamic and will work for multiple users.

You can also do the same thing with a template and set the value to signed in user. Then create a relation and lookups. The result is the same, but it’s more steps. User Profiles simplify it.

Got it! Looks like templates w/ User Profile don’t like phone numbers for some reason so I might try the second option for that. Thanks again.

What does it do with phone numbers?

It just won’t accept the selection. Tried a couple of formats: (555) 555-5555 and 555-555-5555

That’s odd. Maybe you could try creating a template of the phone column in the user profile sheet, then grab that template through the template in the products sheet.
Also try adding the phone number by using replacements instead of directly accessing the phone column.
If that doesn’t work, then try adding some extra text along with the replacement value.

Something to try anyway. Maybe it doesn’t want to put a numeric column in a text column.

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that worked, thanks :slight_smile:

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