Profile data in forms?

Hello Gliders!

When using forms, currently we can send data from the columns in the table where a form is pulling data to a form submission destination table. We can also send special values such as the signed in user’s email, date & time, and a unique identifier.

Is there a reliable way to pull data from the profile table of a signed in user and submit that data to a form submission destination table? (In the context of a profile table created as per the official documentation


Ha, I found the answer to my question: Use If -> Then -> Else in a column in the Data editor to pull data from the User Profile table.

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I think I’m trying to accomplish the same thing.

User Profile table with Employee - Email - Dept - Supervisor - Manager - etc

User would be logged in via email. When they submit a form, how do I populate Employee - Dept - etc. into the sheet so it can be filtered and formatted.

I can use special values and retrieve email, but I can’t figure out how to tie the email to an Employee in the Data editor.


If those fields are in your user profiles already, you can access it anywhere in the app via user data.

Or else you just need to write the signed-in user’s email to new sheets and then do a relation - lookup, would that work?