Publishing Form data to sheets

I’m trying to use a simple form to populate a central sheet that multiple users can view.

I set up a User Profile table with Employee - Email - Dept - Supervisor - Manager - etc

User would be logged in via email. When they submit a form, how do I populate Employee - Dept - etc. into the sheet so it can be filtered and formatted.

I can use special values and retrieve email, but I can’t figure out how to tie the email to an Employee in the Data editor. I can set up a Relation/Lookup that gives me the Employee in another column, and pull that into the table via Special Values Column in the form, but I can’t seem to populate the actual sheet. It looks like the sheet only accepts Text columns.

What am I missing?


PS - I’m very much digging the concept of Glide. I’ve already set up another app for my band, which is working great. If I can figure out this current issue, I can probably sell management on buying a Pro subscription.

ETA: One thing I did notice, is that the app will publish more data via the web interface than I see if I use the app on my iPhone.

And, this app doesn’t seem to update formatting on my phone like my band app does.

If you need those values in the Sheet as well, arrayformula combined with vlookup is the easiest way to go.

Otherwise, the form you submit must be on a tab that has it source sheet populated with said fields, then you can enter them via the columns component.

Adding to what I said in the other thread.

OMG, I think I got it to work! I don’t know what happened, but I’m suddenly seeing the Employee Data.

Wait, it failed on the second attempt, and subsequent submissions. I’m stumped.

As long as you put the form inside a sheet with the fields you want (either it’s the user profiles or another sheet that you used relation - lookup to bring the value over) then you will see them in the Columns component.

I think I may have figured this out. It looks like the sheet wasn’t populating data properly because I was deleting rows in the sheet, itself. When I deleted the data, rather than the rows, the data populated with the info I was looking for.

I’ll keep testing.

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Tell me if I can help more.