Dropdown Form Input Effect or Nested Loop Search

Hi I am looking to have a user profile generated using choices from different sheets and for those choices dynamic values returned. The Directory is shared among all users and should not be modified but only referenced to pull data.

Sheet1(Insights Database):
Consider column 1:
List of store names. These names are repeated for each group of things the person owns.
Transposed column : name–>store1,store1,store1,…,storeN,storeN,storeN

Column 2:
List of type of things. These types are repeated for each several values. These are arbitrary names given by stores. !Important note : They can be similar to others users names but have different values.
Transposed column: thing --> food, health, entertainment, furniture

Column 3:
List of 3 static classifications, let’s call them Value Types, common to all people. Each thing has two of three values, with Sentimental Value being virtually always there.
Transposed column : worth–>Purchase Value, Purchase Value, Purchase Value,Purchase Value,…

Column 4:
Min $ Value

Column 5:
Max $ Value

Sheet 2 (User Profile):
column one:
User name
Column two:
store name
Column three:
Thing type:
Column four:
Value Type
Column five:
Min Value
Column six:
Max value

Can anyone help me with this?
I have made relations, and used the UNIQUE function but the issue is I cant push the form data to the right sheet without affecting the sheet that is common to all users but should not be modified by user inputs/actions.

Please note that calculations have to occur with the min and max values and store names will be used for indexing and creating catalogs. In other words this needs to be done in real time and we are dealing with 8k rows of data for sheet 1.

Just to understand, your Insights Database will be pre-populated with values that a user can view, correct? Are you wanting a form button within a specific item in Insights that a user will click on, then submit that selected item along with their name to the User Profile sheet?

Or are you using a series of choice components to select each item, then save them to the user profile sheet? If that’s the case, are you displaying entry components on a view screen or using a form button?

I think I’m going to need more visuals to understand what you have right now and what your are trying to accomplish.