Inline list inside a form

If an inline list is inside a form, how do we send its selected content to the spreadsheet?

How are you intending to select an item from the inline list in a form? If I were to set it up, I would flip your idea around and first present the list of items to the user. Then when they click on an item and open it’s details, that is where I would place a form button. Then when you open the form you have access to all of the details from the list item you selected.

I would expect the row of cells selected by the inline list to be sent along with the rest of the form data.

But how exactly are you selecting an inline list row within a form screen? I’m not picturing how that’s even possible.

Rather than an inline list, you could add a choice component that points to your list items, then on the form row that’s created, add a relation using the choice selected and lookup columns to pull in the rest of the data.

You should send the information required to create the inline list, not the list itself.


Another option would be 10 different forms buttons. But how to create them dynamically?

Why not just present the list first, then within the details of the list item add a form button? You only need to create the form button once and it will show under the details of each list item. Like I said, then the form will have access to the details of the list item which you can submit to your form response sheet.

Ok, hoped inline lists could be part of a form or a multiselect checkbox list

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At this time, no there is not an option for multi-select. There would have to be a lot of consideration on how you would expect the data to be written to a sheet (writing multiple rows to the sheet, creating a comma delimited list in a single cell, etc). A form will only write one single row at a time. You could create several choice components in your form that the user could be fill as needed. The columns in the sheet could be structured as an array list where you could then use the virtual array column for a relation to build a list when viewing your form results.