How do I concatenate values of Inline List and take it to a form


I have a Cart tab which shows the items that have been bought (filtered on Quantity). There is a Form button “Place Order”. When I click on the form button, I would like to take the filtered inline list values to the form. I see there is a way to use the Parent Columns in the components of the Form, however, they only take the first row off the inline list.

Some more details;

*I am not creating user profiles, so I cannot get selected Items basis the user. I want to avoid User Sign in.
*The app is just sending a text message with the selected items.


If you’re not using User Profiles, probably your best bet is doing something like this.

Thanks for the reply. I did actually look this up. However unable to figure out how the original app did it.


My take is that the first inline list is just one that shows every item that you have in the app, the check value points to a user-specific boolean column.

Then the second list filters out only those that have a TRUE value in the boolean column.