Iterate through inline list on button click

App does the following;

  1. Detail view with inline list and button
  2. An inline list is shown filtered by “Selected” items.
  3. Button click should go through the inline list items and perform certain actions on it.

Don’t think this is possible. Any suggestions on how to handle this?


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Can you tell us more about the second step? Where did the “selected” part come into play? What was the action that selects one item?

I have a screen wherein I show a list of tasks. Tapping on the task sets it as selected (or unselect).
Now I want to start doing these tasks. So I show the selected list in #2. For #3 I want to add these tasks in another sheet to say that these were done on a certain date. Since I want to add them all at a button click I need to iterate through them. I’m not individually setting tasks as done else I could have done something there.
Hope that’s a bit more clear.

This is very possible and shouldn’t be too hard to setup. If you are familiar with compound actions you can have each click go through the steps necessary.

I have done quite a few compound actions, but I’m not sure if it applies in this case. Since I’m not really doing anything on each task. I’m just viewing them and then clicking a button to say all done.

Wouldn’t you use the CA to setup #3. I guess you could just use another button for that but that would just make for more buttons.

I’m not sure I follow you. Are you suggesting I have a compound action on every task?

Your entire inline list can be setup with 1 compound action to submit different data in your step 3 and display different data in your step 2 with just that 1 compound action.

Can I bother you to detail this a bit more :sweat_smile:
How do I submit different data for Step 3?
I hope it’s just a slow day for me, coz I really don’t know how to do this.

Ok, so you setup vlookup formulas in your workbook. When you click any of the inline list items the compound action first starts with entering data in a column. The vlookups immediately respond and fill in the rest of the columns with data you need. In that same compound action you add a row that has the looked up data results into the location where you need it. If you are not adding another row you can set columns (this would still be a separate action in the actions) and you can designate a different column on a different sheet that is related to the user. Of course with this being done you set the #2 step’s inline list to be visible when a value from the 1st list is selected and that 2nd inline list just pulls that same vlookup data. But do this using a relationship so there is no delay.