Which inline list item is clicked

How do you track which inline list item the user clicks on.
My use case -
I have a list of 5 items for example. And this is displayed in a list form. I want to keep track when user press on an item. For example, item 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. When a user press item 3, I want to capture this info for filtering later on.

Much appreciated.

Probably the easiest way is to take a value associated with the list item and store it in a user specific column somewhere. The name of the item, or an index number, whatever, as long as it uniquely itentifies the item.
You would do this as part of a custom action associated with the inline list. So the action sequence might be something like:

  • Set Column Values (unique value of the list item tapped)
  • Show Details Screen (of the item tapped)
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The cleanest way I can do is to capture a unique item, in my case is title of the event, and set it to a column in Users profile. Then it becomes a global field and can use it for filtering.

Yes, that works.

See also below for a similar use case: