Capture value from an inline list

How can I capture the selected value from an inline list to filter to another list?

Use a Set Column action to write a value to a user specific column. Then use that column value for a filter on another list.

would you have an example?

Sorry, reading through this with a clear head, I realize it’s not quite that simple because the set column action would write a value to the sheet that contains the list instead of the sheet of the screen you are displaying the list on.

This largely depends on how your app is set up, but you would need to create a single relation in your list sheet to the user sheet or whichever sheet you are using to display your screen where you want to capture a value.

  • If it’s the user profile sheet, then in you list sheet you could create a template column that gets the user email from the user profile. Then using that template column, you can create a single relation from the list sheet to the user profile sheet. This way, the template email will be different for each user and relate back to their own user profile row.
  • If you aren’t using user profile and you just have some other tab sheet, then you can create a template with any value and a similar template in the list sheet. Then create the same single relation in the list sheet to link the template to the template in the other tab sheet. In this case, you will also need a user specific column in the other tab sheet, because I’m assuming you are only displaying one row that’s not unique to a user, so we will need the user specific column to hold the selected value

Using either method above, you will then be able to create a Set Column action on the list that should let you set a column value through the relation to the column in the user profile or other tab sheet. I don’t think I have a good example of an app that does this at the moment