Pass values of set columns action (from inline list) to a row in another sheet

Hi all,

Hoping to get some advice from anyone who has done this.

I have an inline list that I’m using as a ‘multiple choice’ component. I have a custom action that sets a column T/F when clicked. This inline list is inside of a details screen of a row from another sheet.

My challenge is, I need to write the T/F values of the inline list to the row (current screen) the user is currently in.

The reason I wanted to do it this way rather than checkboxes or link to screen is because the app will primarily be used in tablet/desktop mode. Having 5 or more checkboxes leaves a ton of empty unused space on the right side of the screen. And link to screen adds a few more clicks for a user and is not ideal if there are only 3 or less checkboxes.

I’m more than happy to use either one but I just want to at least try to see if this is possible.

Appreciate everyone in this community!

So you only have 5 items here right? When you say writing to the row, do you mean you have 5 boolean columns?

Hi @ThinhDinh. Appreciate the response. Yes I’m trying to update 5 boolean columns for Test1 and so on (whichever screen the user is on) using an inline list.

Then I’m thinking of using 5 branches in a custom action, let’s say If item name is Cane, set column to the Cane boolean and do whatever visual changes needed (green background, checkbox filled etc.) to indicate that you have changed the selection to true.

Would it work for your case? Do Test2 & Test3 hold the same columns?

Yes, I have that set up in a different sheet where I have the ‘choices’ in a column displayed as an inline list.


I just need the T/F to write to the columns in the other sheet, where Test1, Test2 are in.

This is pretty complex so let me find time to make a demo for you.

Here’s a working version. It’s heavily relied on set columns and single value columns. Let me know if you have any questions.


:exploding_head: Thanks so much! I wasn’t expecting for you to recreate the whole thing and have a working sample. That took a lot of time and effort on your end! Really super grateful!

I got it to work but to be honest I’m still studying how you did it. :sweat_smile:

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Basically the idea was to copy the list of booleans and transpose them to the Selected column in the Ambulations sheet, then for every change in the Selected column upon clicks, we transpose the Selected column and copy 5 columns back to the respective row the user is viewing so the data is the same in both Sheets.

I’m really glad I asked because I would’ve never thought of it. I did notice though that sometimes the display stays active (green) for all other Test #'s but the sheet has the right T/F values.

Like in this example, I’ve selected walker and wheelchair for Test1 and the sheet has the right values for the corresponding columns for Test1. Then looking at Test2 and Test3, it looks as if walker and wheelchair is also selected but its only retaining the display from Test1 giving the impression that it has the same value in the Tests sheet. It happens only occasionally. Any ideas why this is happening?

Did you have the set column of SI Rel at the top of the chain? I had this behaviour when I first did it, but after moving the set column above to first it fixed the flow.

Yes, I have it at the top of the chain. I noticed that it only happens on the first time the action is triggered and when I switch over to Test2 or Test3 to ‘deselect’ the ones that retained the display it doesn’t happen again.

I’ve added a few more ‘choices’ on the ambulation column and added corresponding SVs and set columns. I then added another inline list with a filter to only show the ones I’ve added.

It might sound crazy but I’m planning on adding 50+ more ‘choices’ grouped using filtered inline list components. There shouldn’t be any problems with that right? I’m just going to have add a ton of SVs and set columns?

Thank you again for all your help!

You’re correct about the process of adding more columns to get more choices in but as you might found out, it would require a hell lot of columns, I really do help we can help a better way to do this.

Not sure about the action not triggering on the very first time, I did face that yesterday but since I moved the SI Rel set column to the top it did not happen again.