Set column not writing to the destination

set column not writing to the destination, have the set column action in a form button inside the inline list both have different data destinations and value not getting updates on either. what am I doing wrong

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so should I create a relation to the form page’s destination to the inline list’s destination? so basically I want the inline list’s main value/data to be automatically upgraded to the form sheet. the form sheet is a subdivision of it? weirdly glide can’t perform this on its own? or I don’t know how to yet.

Why do you want to try a set column for an inline list inside a form? Do you mean the on submit action or not? What’s your use case here?

yes I do mean the on submit action. use case is, say the inline list is restaurant, the form button is added because, say the info is reviews, so I need a different sheet that repeats the restaurants, I tried without a form sheet and the review goes to the inline list destination but changes when new user posts a review!

so I need a link between the restaurants and the reviews, that this review is for this particular restaurant, it comes blank and I don’t want the user to type the restaurant name, so I tried setting the restaurant name in the set value action of the form button but it didn’t return because destination was in inline list sheet?:man_shrugging:

maybe I should try relation, lookup or user specific or is there any other way that I’m not aware of?

If you’re letting the user review a restaurant on its own details view, you can pass the restaurant ID to the reviews table using a screen column.

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thank you for the info!! I only knew about special values column, never tried this one or user profile columns damn…

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