Can I "Set Column Value" on an Inline List?

Can I “Set Column Value” on an inline list? I created an array that I want to make user specific. I created a relation column on my sheet, but when I go into the “Action Button” under the list, and try to “Set Column Value”, it doesn’t give me the option to change from “this item” to my “Relation” Column. Newbie here. I followed this guy’s instructions on YT.

You can only set columns through a single relation. Your relation needs to be in the table that is the source of your inline list, and the relation needs to be a single relation. Make sure the ‘multiple’ checkbox is unchecked in your relation configuration. Then it should work.

Ahhhh…therein lies the problem. I had my relation in the wrong sheet …(not the source sheet) AND I had it set to “multiple”. It’s working now. Thanks Jeff :partying_face: :tada:

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