Updating Tab's Table from another Tab Using Set Column

Hi Community

We are trying to update via Set Column action from to Tab 1’s "Schedule Start Date’ from another Tab’s Edit Form but in vain.

  1. From Task (Tab 2): Start2 Work Date
  2. Confirmation (Tab 1): Schedule Start Work

Both are Date column. Any advise?

hi Community, any advice? Or is there anywhere we can read up on using Set Columns on Relation Table or another table via the Edit Form?


Is your relation a single or a multiple relation?

Do you have that relation row in place before the edit is submitted? I assume yes?

Hi hi Thanks for your reply.

Yes. There’s a relation between the 2 Tables with a unique code.

It is a One-to-One relation between for all the fields i.e. Application Date, Start Work Date, Arrival Date… etc

So the on-submit action does not seem to work when you submit the edit? As in the update doesn’t appear on the destination row?

HI hi

No it doesn’t

I can take a look if you like.
Which App, and where can I find the action?

Hi hi @Darren_Murphy Darren, thanks for your reply.

Yes. It is under Engage App. Task - > Click on Any Candidate - Click on Edit.

Try Updating Start Work date, which on Submit, i have set to

  1. Update Task Table Start Work Date column
  2. Update rel_Confirmation Table - Schedule Start Work column

Appreciate your effort in advance!

One of the columns you are using in the Set Column values action is broken.

Try fixing that and see if it resolves the problem.

From my view the fields aren’t empty.

Regardless, it works now!

Did you perform any magic? :smile:

hehe, no. I looked, but I didn’t change anything.
Good that it’s working now :+1:

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Thanks for your effort! Appreciate!

In fact i remember 3 weeks back, I have raised to CS about this issue:

Updating via Set Column via Inline list.