Relation - Set Column

In same tab I have two rows have relation to each other(let say first and second row) based on the condition.
How to set column in second column if I in edit screen on first row ?
I am now doing like this, but its not working.



This will work, but while you’re in the edit screen, you won’t see the action take place. You’ll want to build this out on the details screen itself.

I am now need to edit in the first row but at the same time set column in the second row.

So, I made the relation the first row to second row (single match).

It is correct what i’m doing ?

That should work. On submit > set column.

BUt mine is not. hmmm :thinking:

I found out the problem is in relation column.
It is suppose to be Second Row to the First Row (single match).
Just now, i am doing First Row to the Second Row.

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