Table and screen showing different data

Can someone please enlighten me? What is happening?
The data was changed using a SET COLUMN single relation.
screen shown correct data but table is not.
Definitely same user same column check sheet also showing different data from screen.
Refreshed whole tab then screen showed old data as if was not updated.
Is set column doesn’t update value in table? only on screen?

Few things to check maybe are:

  1. Which action does the Set Column?
  2. What happens after that action? Something that reverses the value back to its orginal value?

Since when you refresh, the values goes back to the original value, either the table value reverts back and it takes time to update on screen.

That’s It

Is there something in the google sheet which does some calculation on this value, which may be reverting its value back? Or, is the data only in the glide table?

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No calculations… only this action is connected to the column

Ok I understand the logic of this bug.
Its a form that needs to update a relation from a row that still hasn’t been created, because only after the submit action the row will appear.
So the set column relation option should not even be there, or need to fix it somehow?

I find that the field which shows 2 after your submit the form is in “Forms” Sheet as the submit of form is linked to the Forms sheet. But, the sheet which you are showing where the data is 1 is in the “Users” Sheet. The field which you are displaying on the screen and which gets updated to 2 is in the Forms Sheet, but then you are checking the Users sheet and seeing it as 1. Would that be the cause for the issue?

No, The field is in users sheet only. The form submittion to the table Form is the trigger to update the cell in the users table that is a relation from forms to users on the user ID.