Set column question

I have a use case where users can submit their name for volunteer position…for example there are 4 positions, A, B, C, D.

I have set the four different columns as Text type. What I notice is that when a user writes to A, using set column, sometimes it randomly override data in B or C or D…it is kind of random…

I have tried user specific column but this data can only seen by the user. It is also not what I want as I want the rest of the users to see who have nominated themselves for the 4 positions.

Suggestions please.

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Is there a reason you don’t use entry components here but a set column action?

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I have two sheets Events and Events Response

I use Events sheet to advertise the available positions

When user clicks on position A, the following action takes place

  1. In the Events sheet, their User name is recorded into column position A. I get the name by extraction of the signed-in user’s email and doing a relation. The idea is to check for this position A. If it s filled up, then hide the position A button so other users cannot click on it.
  2. In Events Response sheet, a new row is added with the person’s particular details for further processing.

I did the add row and set column for convenience of User. they do not need to fill up anything…just click to register for the position. All their details had been recorded when they signed up with the APP.

So it is in the Events sheet that the columns keep clearing randomly when a User click for example position B. It is this randomness that I am stuck with.

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I see that you have the right idea. Can you record a video of the bug in action or is it just happening randomly so you can’t replicate it now?

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I moved on to use relations instead and it works well, but extra “coding”…Will see if I have similar use case and try to replicate…but for now need to continue with APP development…thanks @ThinhDinh



Just a follow up to this. I had got everything working well in the editor. Now after users testing, it seems that all the remote device like mobile/desktop is unable to write (set column). I log into the same account, one in the editor and one on my mobile to do some testing.

Here I attach some pictures

1a. This is what I see in the editor before I press “Volunteer Programme Manager” on mobile

1b. This is what I see in the editor AFTER I press “Volunteer Programme Manager” on mobile and it is also after I left the editor and come back to ensure that it refreshes. You can see there are no changes

2a. This is what I see on my mobile before I press “Volunteer Programme Manager”

2b. This is what I see on my mobile AFTER I press “Volunteer Programme Manager”. The volunteer position has been accepted on the local device. But in the editor it does not change, even after restarting it.

With the above experiment, I can confirm that the mobile devices are unable to Set Column.

Vice versa, I made the same click to volunteer in the editor and confirm that the correct data is pushed out to the mobile devices.

Urgent help please from Glide Team.

You can send this info to Glide’s support team alongside your support link to:

thanks @ThinhDinh
is it confirm that cannot set column from mobile?
i remember reporting this case before and was supposed to be solved.

if I had made initial contact with support, but have not heard from him/her since, what am I suppose to do now?

Just a follow up experience sharing on set column using relation (to access “the other sheet”). I stand to be corrected if there are some other experiences from our more senior Users.

  1. relation need to be NOT “Multiple Match” as below picture

  1. choosing relation to other sheet(s)

  1. write as you wish…i had tried several times and all good!

I’m not sure because I have not tried a set column with multiple relations, but I believe it won’t write to multiple rows, is the expected behaviour to only write to the first match?