Set column from action relation, not writing data to my spreadsheet

hi, why set column from relation row is not setting data in my spreadsheet? only if i do that from editor app

Tell us more, show some screen shots maybe, so we can help you

i have a action to set column and is not writing a values to my sheet when i am using relation not this row, but app is changing the value and after few seconds is coming back to original value

Does your Google account have permissions to edit the sheet?

yes, it is my sheet

there is also one more bug there… it writes values to sheet 2 times 7 seconds apart, when set columns to “this item”

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i figure when you delete steps in action menu it still keep them somewhere and when you add it back it will give problems … run together with deleted ones

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Have reached your monthly sheet edits the 1000 limit? @Uzo

no, i have unlimited

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