Can we toggle boolean items using custom actions?

I am using an inline list to have a huge number of filters for my app. Currently, the user has to click on a list item to then press a button to toggle their filter.

With custom actions, can we toggle a boolean cell?

I know that we can increment and set, but that requires some extra columns that I would like to avoid

You can create a new action when they click on the item.

If x is not 1:

  • View Details
  • Increment x by 1

If x is 1:

  • View Details
  • Increment x by -1

x would your Boolean column. This would effectively toggle the boolean as you view the column. You would have to make x a user-specific column for this to work.


A lot of times I’ll just use a Set Columns action and set a boolean value to ‘true’ or ‘false’. In most cases it’s the same as 1 or 0.


You can use the if statement in your custom action.

If cell is true set it to false else set it to true.
Than you have a toogle effect.


This works for the first instance, but when if I change my mind on the filter it will need some additional conditions made if I’m not mistaken. A simple toggle would be nice IMO

I’ll give this a try! Great idea

Should have clarified. I use an IF statement in my compound action like the others mentioned. I’ve used true/false as well as 0/1 depending on the situation. So it does toggle back and forth.

It’s what I do in the examples here.