Showing Form Fields Thru Inline List and No Form Button

I have a master list of locations in one sheet. Let’s call it ‘Location Master’. For each location, I store number of items in stock each day on a seperate sheet called ‘Inventory’.

I want my main screen to show the location name from the master and then display a number entry field which will allow the user to input directly to the ‘Inventory’ form. I want to do this without using a form button that takes the user away from the main screen, sort of like an inline list but one that works for certain form fields.

The reason I want to set it up this way is so the user doesn’t have to click buttons and leave the main screen. Is this possible and how can I do this? Thankyou in advance.

If you can create a single relation links the location to the inventory, then you can can place a number entry component on the location details screen to enter the inventory, which will write to a user specific column in the location table. Then have a button with a set column action to write than number value through the relation to the inventory row.


Is this what you need?


Both these solutions by @Jeff_Hager and @ThinhDinh work for me. Thankyou!


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