Form button, inline list hiding per user

might be a silly question, but how to hide a screen from the inline list when you have a form button inside it, I have done this before but not w form button screen inside
I’m finding it difficult to hide the form button too, because in the filter, the data is inline list’s data since the button is in the IL

Hi, don’t understand your question. Have you used visibility conditions?

NB: to get better screenshots, if you work with a Windows computer, just click on the “Windows key + Shift + S”

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As @AyS_0908, maybe better screenshots will help. Please explain your problem in more details.

In addition to “Windows key + Shift + S”, I use the Windows Snipping Tool a lot. It let’s me draw a box or any shape to capture, then I can draw on and highlight parts of the image, copy, and paste in the forum. Takes all of a couple seconds from start to end. It also allows me to time delay the screenshot if I also need to hover my mouse over something and capture while I’m hovering.

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Hey! so how do i hide the form button or a single value from an Inline List ?

What i want is to hide the value from the Inline List or the form button (user specific) and since it is per user driven, i need to use the user entry record

But the entry record sheet is not accessible to filter ( since the form button is in the inline list)

So i’m resorting to hiding the components in the form button and show a “already entered” after submitting the form?

Any other way to do this?

Still not very clear for me. But possibly, if you don’t have access to values to filter on them, could you bring them back to the appropriate sheet via a ‘single value’ or a ‘relation’ (possibly via the User sheet), then filter on “relation is not empty” or something like that?

nb: if you want to dynamically block some duplicates in the form, I am not sure that you should use the Glide native Form component; there are threads about this.