Filtered inline list on a form

I was hoping to be able to create a simple log entry system. I have done it over different tabs, but was hoping to achieve it within a form screen.

I have a list of people > details screen with form button “add to log”

On form screen of “Person A”. Have the form as I normally would (simple form only 2 things to add, including 1 screen data of “Name”)

On the same form screen, have a list of previously submitted data filtered to “Person A”

Filter would be Name=Screen>Name

The list is showing fine, but will not filter for some reason. Any ideas as to why this might not work, because I can’t see a reason why it shouldn’t.

I don’t need the data on that list in the form, was just hoping to use it as a really tidy way of keeping a simple log of data.

Are you using a pro app by chance? You could try putting the log data into the User Profiles page and then filtering that way.

Could you just create a relation from the People sheet to the Log sheet, then display the inline list using the relation? Then you don’t need to set a filter.

That worked (didn’t realise I only needed the relation to draw up the list).

Still a bit odd that it didn’t work the other way.

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