Filter Inline List

I am asking you because I am blocking the filtering of an inline list.
Here is the context. I am a sports teacher and I created an application for my bodybuilding cycles.
a student designs his weight training session from a list of exercises.
So I have a sheet class. a sheet sessions (list of sessions created by the students) with a link to the students table. a sheet (my exercises) which lists all the exercises chosen by the students. (link between sheet sessions and my exercises.
for each exercise, the student defines a number of repetitions and a workload.

Finally a sheet (exercises) with the exercises that the student can choose.

I would like the student when he chooses an exercise to have a history for this same exercise to know the prameters already used.
I must give create a filtered inline list for an exercise.
My example is close to an order application for example a customer has an order listing for a product already ordered

Thank you for your help