Prevent duplicate form submission

Hi, I have checked similar questions but I think my query is different.

I have just a form, not an app. It has Username, Email and Phone No on it. The users fill in the form and submits it. I want the values to go into the database only if the email and phone numbers are unique. If the phone number or email exists in the database the submission should fail with an appropriate message.


The easiest thing to do is to prevent access to the form itself, so you’d have visibility conditions on the Form Button that hide if the user has already submitted the form.

The check if the user has submitted the form, just create a relation that checks if the User Email column in your User Profile sheet matches the User Email column in your form submissions sheet. If that relation is empty, the user hasn’t submitted the form before, so the form button can be visible. If the email does exist, the button be hidden and instead some text can be made visible to indicate that the form has already been submitted.


Hi, Thanks for the response. So we can create a User profile even if there is no login required ?

Yes, you can create a user sheet and if the app is public, have users enter their email address before the form. Use that field to check if the email already exists in the submissions sheet in order to control visibility of the form button. The user sheet isn’t necessary though, only if you have another need for holding user information.

Hi, I have a registration form and also want to make sure that we do not get a double entry in the profiles section of email addresses. I have tried to put a screen before the actual registration form that asks the user for their email address, also a button that has a visibility check if the email entered above is already part of the profiles section column. Unfortunately it does not work. Can someone throw an example of how to set up?

This concept app demonstrates a technique for preventing duplicate entries

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