Buttons not showing up if inline list has no records

Hi all,

I have a Pages CRM type app and I have created buttons for adding new records. The problem is that the button doesn’t show if there are no records for that user. Once the user has records then it shows the button just fine. I can’t figure out how to make it show the buttons.

The buttons are not nested in a container nor are they part of the top bar for the inline list, they are separate. I don’t have any visibility conditions for the button but the inline list is filtered for the user. The button shows when I first create it (uses the default “Show Notification” but as soon as I change the action for the button to show a details, edit or form screen the button disappears.

Here are a couple screen shots.

Oh, I just figured it out! Turns out that for the tab itself I had it filtering for the signed-in user. I’m not sure why this was causing the button to not work but as soon as I deleted that filter it works. As long as I have the filter on the inline list anyway, it will work the way it’s intended.

Is this a bug or is that somehow the way it is supposed to work?

That’s weird, if you mean that filter is for the inline list and not the tab itself then I would expect it to work.

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