Inventory by location

So would really like to be able to do this on one sheet if its possible. I have a list of inventory across multiple locations, for example:

Location Item Amount
London Peaches 4
Paris Melons 3
London Apples 5

If I have this sheet linked to my tab and chose Location as the list ‘London’ displays twice, I only want it to show once and then be able to click on each location to drill down to the next level. Is there a way I can create a list based on the unique locations in my inventory list with just one sheet?


You create a new sheet, then use a unique function to get all unique locations. Then make a relation column matching that unique location value back to the location n, set it to match multiples.

Show that unique column in a new tab in your app, set the action to “link to screen”, use the relation value as your screen value.

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ThinhDinh solution works well but if you really want it in one sheet then use Choice Component. This way you can reduce one drill-down as well. In Choice component, it shows unique item’s only.

Used to mention as @ThinhDinh said, column should be user-specific.

Here you can see it:

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That is certainly a good solution and remember to make the column user-specific to write the choice to.


Good Catch. I did in the demo but missed to mention :sweat_smile:


Thanks @Coupons_Deal @ThinhDinh! - Took me a while but figured out I needed to put the tab on details style to make this work. Next issue I have is that the location column can’t seem to be turned to user specific… I can see the option when I click edit on the column but it can’t be clicked. Any ideas?

When he mentioned the user-specific column, he means you should have a new column, let’s say “Location choice” and make that user-specific. Show the information below that based on visisibility conditions tied to that user-specific column.

Wonderful! Thanks I got it working.

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