Question Around Relations

I have a list of reviews, media, and info on certain establishments (Restaurants, Bars ,etc.) many have one location which is fine, some of 2+ and I want to list the establishment info on the sheet I have, and then just have all the locations for the establishment be available from another tab.

This way my map tab can be driven from that sheet and all the locations, while the establishment tab can show all the places once, and then each location can be shown as an inline list or something.

The alternative I just copy each establishment and have a row for each location and just maintain them as separate rows.

It would be great to manage the establishments from a separate sheet with locations there.


This should be easy enough. I’m picturing 2 sheets. Establishments and Locations.

  • The Establishment sheet will have unique Establishment Names and Details
  • The Location sheet will have Establishment Names and Locations.
  • Create a relation column on the Establishment sheet to link Name in the Establishment sheet to Name in the Locations sheet.
  • Create a relation column on the Locations sheet to link Name in the Locations sheet to Name in the Establishment sheet.
  • On the Establishment tab, when viewing details, add an inline list of locations.
  • On the Locations tab, when viewing details, add an inline list of location details.

Thank you. I am going to try this later.

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Tried the solution. Thank you. Based on my use case, I made a map from the locations tab, the issue is the details it brings me to are those from that sheet and my Establishment sheet. I have a user waiting the place so which is from the establishment sheet details.

Any way to take them to the details in that sheet that are driven by the same name and relationship. I added the inline list but it created an extra step and confusion if you preview the map and try to rate the place.

Thank you.

Yeah, I was afraid you wouldn’t like that. There’s 2 ways to approach this.

One way is to have a sheet with duplicated establishment details for each location in a Locations sheet. If you have the address details at the end of the row, then you can use a formula like =UNIQUE({'Locations'!A:H}) to select the columns without the address and duplicate only the unique rows in the Establishments sheet. You would still have to maintain the details for multiple rows of the establishments in the Locations sheet.

The other way would be to use the relation you have in the Locations sheet and create a Lookup column for each Establishment detail column you want to display in the Location details.

Both ways have their pluses and minuses, but it would give you what you want. I don’t think there is a better way.

Going to try both, probably start with the second route and see how it goest as it should keep it current from what the details are on the Establishment sheets.

Thank you.

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