Relation columns


I’m obviously missing something basic regarding relations columns. Most frustrating is that I’m sure I had this working correctly a few months back. And then I rebuilt my app as I was learning new things and I just can’t get back to where I was.

Sheet 1 - list of event names, descriptions, logo, venue, etc. - 1 row per event.
Sheet 2 - dates of these activities, start time, end time, etc. Many to one relation as there are many dates to one event.

I have created a relation column on each sheet using the unique event name as the matching field so that I can reference information in both directions.

I am successful in adding calendar information to an Event List tab’s detail page using the relation column as the source for that component.

And I have created a basic calendar tab without problem.

However, I can’t seem to build the detail page behind each calendar listing because I can’t get the calendar and event sheets to connect.

I have attempted to create the Calendar tab by two methods:

  1. use the calendar sheet as the data source and hope the relation column will access some info on the event sheet
  2. use the event sheet as the data source and hope the relation column will access some info on the calendar sheet.

No matter which direction I go, I can’t seen to get these 2 sheets to talk to each other to create a click-through detail sheet from the calendar listing that allows me to build components from both the event and the calendar sheets.

Any help is appreciated.


Can you share some screenshots of what you are seeing to get a better understanding? Are your relations s|t up as single or multiple relations?

Before, I do that, here is another question…Is the relation column not enough? Do I need a lookup column on the calendar sheet for every field from the event sheet that I want to add to the app detail page for the calendar tab?

I thought the relation column would simply provide a link to the fields on the other sheet.


On the event sheet:
Event Sheet Event Name is matched to Calendar Sheet Event Name
“match multiple” is ON because each event has multiple dates

On the calendar sheet:
Calendar Sheet Event Name is matched to Event Sheet Event Name
“match multiple” is OFF because each date record corresponds to only one event sheet row.

Depends on what you are trying to do and what you mean by “access some info”. A relation will return related rows. A relation can be used as the source of an inline list to display those rows and you can click on each list item to view the details of that related item. A lookup is required if you are attempting to show a specific column value from a related sheet in a text component for example.