Creating a Master Summary page using relations

Hi, Just want to confirm my understanding is correct and ideas on how I can resolve an issue.

Once I create a relation between sheetA and SheetB.

  1. To access the data in sheetB from the builder I have to use the relation component.
  2. I can NOT access it like I can access the profile sheet in the source image
  3. When I use the relation component then I can only access up to 3 pieces of data and it makes it a clickable link

I have this and I have added a relation to get information on the vehicle

If you click it you get

I want to show the vehicle information on the second page without having to click through to it. So like a summary page that pulls in all the info from different tables and shows the actual info and not just links to the different data. I am trying to avoid creating a lot of lookup columns in my sheet to pull in the data that way.

You can create lookup columns which will pull individual columns from the related sheet into the master sheet. Then the lookup values will be available to display in components on the master tab.


Just to add to Jeff’s reply, what you could do is create a template column in the source sheet that combines the values from all the columns you want to display into a single table using HTML or Markdown. Then pull that template as a lookup through the relation and display it in a rich text component.

This is a useful technique to use when all you need is a bunch of data for display purposes, as it saves having to use multiple lookup columns.


Thanks… That’s an awesome trick/tip… :slight_smile:

Currently, if you use the method suggested by @Jeff_Hager, there’s no way around it. The relation column in table A in effect pulls table B into table A and displays table B in one single column. It’s not yet possible to directly look up columns in table B from the relation column: you need to create “lookup” columns, one by one, for the data you need (in table B).

The “lookup” columns do feel slightly inefficient, but they do make things clear: you get what you see.

Also, I believe I read somewhere that the way relations are built is being reworked. As often with Glide, we might be in for a little surprise.

As for @Darren_Murphy 's suggestion, neat idea! I suppose this approach depends on your need to display the data.

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