What could be the reason I m not seeing relations columns?- solved by @ThinhDinh

I am not seeing relations columns in builder through “title” or “inline list” (In the inline list I can see one relation column - New column A but not the author one)

On the screen, I want to show the author and his information below the post.

You must use a lookup column on top of a relation column to be able to display info.

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My name lookup col itself is built on author relation col.

I want to be able to connect to “author relation col”. How do I create name lookup col on top of it?

To be clear here, lookup is the one to bring back info you want to display.

Relation is the gateway you make to connect Sheets and bring back info.

In the screenshot in the original post, for the title component, you have the name lookup column available to choose.

Create as many lookups as you need to display all info in text components or whatever place you want to.


Okay, I think I get it. I will try

It worked :heart_eyes:. Thank you so much @ThinhDinh