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Hello. Is there any way I can add a “master search button” on my main menu of the app that will give an option to search and show all the data in my app? This is the main menu of my app and inside I have used inline sheets and buttons to connect the other sheets with relevant data.

So if the master search on main menu could show the results of all the data inside the app, it would be amazing. Thanks.

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I don’t think so, you can only search whatever’s contain in the inline lists on the screen.

I’m still not entirely sure what fields are taken into consideration when you do a search, but bottom line is if you want something to be searchable then it has to be in an inline list of the screen you are viewing.


After some strange tests, looks like the search only focuses on the 1st column that appears in the inline. So if you sort on a 1st column of your table that does not show in the inline, you don’t find anything from this column unless it also appears in the 1st col of the inline.
Just wondering whether the “master search” would work if we insert a hidden inline with a concatenated column with all the searchable keywords ?
But maybe a performance issue if too many rows are trying to load even in the backstage?

Hey, I already tried using a hidden inline list but unfortunately it didn’t work :frowning:

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Can you please tell me what concatenated columns are and how can I use them in my app?

I’ve read it somewhere in this Community, I’ll let an expert explain to you for this, it’s safer. I’m honest :grin:I haven’t tried for real myself. I just know the concatenation logic: you manage to show in a string or list every keyword worth searching in one column.

Look (search :relaxed:) for “concatenate” in this forum. If need be to find the thread.
But if you’ve already tried with a hidden inline, and it didn’t work, well, I have a bad feeling about this…

A hidden inline list should work. Perhaps you need to check the option to enable search in the right hand pane.

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Maybe for performance practice, it would be better to consider creating an index of worthy keywords that you / users can activate on each item/doc.
And you show the result of this very optimized and clean index.
And you propose an clickable index instead of a search.
As long as you find your stuffs via keywords, would that be acceptable?
And it should be very easy to layout as you want.

Hey @Eric_Penn, I tried again but the search results are not showing up. You can see in the screenshots attached that I have added an inline list (sub zones) which I want to hide and I have enabled the search option. I tried to hide it using the visibility option and now when I am searching for an item, it is not showing up. Could you please help?

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Hey @Hassan_Nadeem thank you for the screenshots. I believe you are almost there. If you have more than one list you will have to enable search on all of them for it to work. Also it only works with the details of the inline lists or the details of that row (the next page when you click show details on an inline list)

Kindly check your other lists to see if show search bar is enabled and fill in the details with your search terms either on the inline list itself or in plain text on the details page when you click through.

I did a quick search :sunglasses: and found this by @Robert_Petitto
There may be some updated techniques


So do you mean you want to hide the inline list from view but when being searched it should show up? I don’t think it works like that.

Also, just tag us experts, don’t tag the Glide Team in threads like this. Thanks a lot!

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Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

Also, I am sorry okay :frowning: I didn’t know we are not supposed to tag Glide Team :frowning:


How many inline lists do you have on your screen? Do any of those components you have on this screen have visibility conditions?

Thats how my main menu looks like. One inline list and the action is to show a detailed screen for each item. On the detailed screens, I have added relevant inline lists and further on I have used relationship inline lists.

@ThinhDinh If you could take out some time, I can show you my app on zoom so you could understand easily what I exactly want. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you.

@ThinhDinh sorry for hiding the image. I can’t reveal the name of my client in a public community due to confidentiality agreement.

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So it’s just this one inline list? I mean if you want to search all data in your app like your original post said, I think there should be several more.

Other inline lists are inside the main menu. In the screenshots shown, I have added inline list of Man power inside the CRD Team section, and I have added the locations inline list inside the Locations section, and so on.

Inline lists must be on the same screen as the search bar to be searchable. I mean you should add all things in the screen where you want the “master search” to happen.

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You are absolutely right. But my UI would look extremely untidy, so I want to hide those inline lists and want them to still be searchable. However, when I hide the inline lists, the search results don’t show up :frowning: @ThinhDinh

If you want to I will do some CSS work for you. How many inline lists do you expect to have in total?

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