Search Functionality

Hi guys,

I’m currently building a directory and i’m wondering if there is a way to expand the search capability, so it searches multiple inline lists?

i.e. current setup/flow:
Screen 1. home page - from list click a city or town
Screen 2. detail screen with 2 inline lists (a-map & b-list) that both pull from relational data; user can see multiple addresses in that specific location

Now I have search bars on each screen (i.e. #1 - search town/city & #2 - search an address) for the end user but they can only search in relation to what is on whichever screen they are on.

ASK → is there a way to have just 1 search bar on the first page that looks through all data i.e. both town+cities & addresses in them?

Many thanks,

I haven’t tried it with multiple inline lists, but I think you can turn on search in the inline list settings.

Yes I’ve activated search in the inline list but would like the initial search bar on the home page to also look/search into multiple inline lists or app pages

Is this something like what you want?

oh no it doesn’t work :confused: @Jeff_Hager

When you say “it doesn’t” work, what do you mean? If you are talking about searching across multiple tabs at once, then that’s not possible.
You won’t be able to search across all the tabs in the app with one search bar, but if you have multiple lists on one screen, you should be able to activate search on each list and search all of them with the search bar at the top of that particular screen.

I’m sure you’ve solved this by now, but I got it to work by checking the Enable Search Bar for every single Inline List under Options.