Search field (multiple inline lists)

I notice that the search field is only on the first page when I use hierarchy. Is there a way to put it on other level pages?

I’m going to assume you mean list view.
And currently, putting search fields on details screens is not possible unless you have an inline list somewhere in there as a component.

Hope I answered your question, if not, can you rephrase?

Thanks, Pablo,

You’ve got it right.

I have a list1 and each item on list1 leads to a page with a new list.
I made an inline list and I see it on the list1 page in the spreadsheet but it appears on the list2 page in the app. it works fine (only no search field) on the list2 page.
Any way around it?

There may be a way around it, with a text entry field and a relation. Possibly. @ThinhDinh, youŕe the master :nerd_face: . Do you think this could be done with a relation?

If you are good with code, this may be possible with the new API column.

:globe_with_meridians: Please help us test: API Column

Search doesn’t work with inline lists of lower level it seems. My suggestion is to try a joined list on top of the relation, then display them in a component somewhere in that screen to see if it helps.

If it indeed does work then try hiding it to see if it still works the same way. I’m not fully sure if search works on a hidden component.

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Are you trying to search data that’s inside the list2 list from the screen that’s showing the list1 list? Or are you just trying to have a search bar on the screen after you click on a list1 item that then allows you to search the list2 list? You can turn on search for the list2 inline list component by going into the features tab when viewing the settings for the inline list.

Hi Jeff,

I’m trying to build a database where I have ‘music composers’ (list1) and each composer has many ‘music pieces’ (list2).
At the moment I manage to do it so the first screen has a composer’s list and then click on composer I get their music pieces in a different screen.
I have a built-in search field on the composers screen only, and It allows me to search on this screen only. I don’t have a way to search for the music pieces nor on the Composer’s page or music piece page.
I have done an inline list on the page where the music piece is on so it looks like it works fine.
Please see the attached screen.

As I suggested above, did you go into the features tab for the inline list component, in the music list page, and turn on the search feature?


Thanks Jeff,
I just did. It works fine! I guess i missed it.

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You could of also created a visibility filter that is setup for “contains” and you have a text field you type into and it checks that text field for it’s criteria.


J’essai de rajouter un niveau de liste, sans y arriver.
Dans le même esprit que @icanpiano , j’ai une liste d’appartement très longue, répartis dans plusieurs bâtiments.
Je n’arrive pas à faire une première liste avec les bâtiments A, B, C…, et faire apparaitre seulement la liste des appartement du bâtiment sélectionné (ex: C21, C22, C23, C24, C25, C26 pour le Bâtiment C).

Voila ce que j’ai tenté:
Feuille 1: elle répertorie les bâtiments et les appartements

Feuille 2: elle contient les informations des appartements.
J’ai rajouté une relation avec la feuille 1 qui fait le lien avec le bâtiment.

Voila a quoi ma liste ressemble:

On y voit plusieurs fois le bâtiment D, C… alors que je ne le voudrais qu’une seule fois…

Je pense que je n’ai pas construit correctement mes sheets…
Avez vous une idée pour m’aider?

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!