Hi all

Very much new to app development and very much new to Glide.
Enjoying having a play around with things and trying to get a feel for the different aspects. I’ve read a lot in the last couple of days but it’s taking a bit of practice to actually get used to a lot of the different processes.

One question I immediately have is that on my main page I currently have an Inline List with header information which, when pressed, then leads to another Inline List which comprises of the relevant data. I notice there is a search function for the Inline Lists which searches for what is on screen, but is there a way to make that search bar search within all Inline Lists in the app?

The search will search for any matching text within the list itself and any displayed coming values within the details of each list item. I don’t believe it will search being that detail screen, so any lists embedded in the details are not part of the search.

Thanks for the response Jeff.
So just for clarity, if as an example I had a first screen which listed movie genres and then within each of these genres there is a list of movies, I wouldn’t be able to search the movie titles in the first screen as it would only search for the names of the genres listed?

And is there no workaround for this as it would be nice to be able to do so in case you are not aware of which genre list a particular movie appears in - if you see what I mean?