Form post with multi select from other sheets

I’m building a quick app to log a passenger manifest.
Pilots, Planes, Passengers → Those are needed for creating a manifest.

Every pilot has it’s own passengers in a sheet (to be remembered so later you only need to select the relevant passengers).
Now I have a button (form) on a passenger, and I log it in the Manifest list.

I’d like to be able to have a form with a multi-select filled by a sheet. Is this possible?

I would say that you need to start with a plane listing, then show the pilots (inline list) that fly that plane, then show your passengers (another inline list). When you are on the passenger details, then you add the Form Button. Everything you want should be available at that point when you add the fields to the form.

Yeah! Thanks, learnt something new regarding info being available through the nesting (inline list). Right now I have the form button on the passenger, and I select the plane and I’m assuming I’m always the pilot, so that data was covered (your proposed way is beter!)

I’m running into the issue of flying with multiple passengers,… I’m not seeing this being solved when I follow your suggestions,…

Thanks for replying!

The Form should be attached to another sheet called Manifest. That will have one row per passenger for each Flight/Plane/Pilot. BTW, I have had a pilot license myself for over 40 year, but just private stuff, nothing commercial.

I love flying! Got mine just 1,5 years ago in the States, flying an N-reg SR20 here in The Netherlands. EHLE is adding badges for pilots,… “passengers” need to be on a manifest,… so I thought to make a quick app,…

So I’m hearing you say is “Pilots, Planes, Passengers” they are already there,… Manifest is the culmination of the lot but held together by Flights.

So I need to add a Flights table,… to make this work.