How to duplicate a form (and then edit the copy)

I want multiple forms to feed into the same tab of data in my google sheet

I would like to create a copy of the first form, then edit it to create the subsequent forms.

Please tell me this is feasible.

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Assuming those are the 5 or 6 forms you mentioned in the other thread then this is feasible.

I think a better setup is that you let pilots choose the type of flight they did, store it in a user-specific column then catch it via Columns component in the form. You only need 1 form for that.


Thanks for the reply.

Pilots are notoriously awful at paperwork - the less opportunity they have to make an error choice the better.

What if I put in a Mission Type Component with a Choice from the six mission types? Then the form components that apply to a discrete mission would have the visibility feature set to a condition of visible when the Mission Type Component field is set to that value?

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Yes that would work as well.