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I copied a new screen’s contents to a an inline list details screen. All of the components work as they should except one. The new screen (labeled My Travel) is a screen that every user will have. However, I would also like to compile the users and filter them using several inline lists and make it available only to admins. When I try to show the user’s information on the Admin’s list’s detail screen, one or two of the values comes through as the admin’s information. Whether I use the source sheet or the User Profile, the values only show up as the admin’s info.

This is how both the My Traveler screen and the Admin’s inline list details page should be the same:

I used the “User Source” sheet for all of the components on the new screen, because the source sheet was different.

Whether I use the screen’s source data or the User Profile, it remains the same, posting the data from the Admin’s row.

Any ideas about why this might be this way? Could it be that different components work differently on different screens?

You almost certainly don’t want to be using a User Profile value here, because if you do then your Admin user (Andrea) will always see the value from their own user profile row, regardless of which user they have selected.

It looks like the column value you are using is a Joined List. Can you describe or show how that is configured?


Just want to reiterate what @Darren_Murphy said…and since you brought it up in another post…Any column you select from the User Profile group (available everywhere in the app), will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS give you data from the user profile row of the user that is currently signed into the app. It will never give you data for any other row accept the row that belongs to the signed in user. If the source of your detail screen also happens to be the user profile table, then selecting any column that is NOT part of the the User Profile “group”, will be based on whichever row you are viewing. It could be the row for you, or it could be the row any any other user if you have access to view it.

Whenever you select columns from the User Profile “group”, it will always give you data for the currently signed in user.

If your screen uses a source table that is not the user table, but you still need related data from the user table that’s specific to that row, then you may have to consider using a single relation and a series of lookup columns to get the related user profile data. Then you would display the lookup columns values on the screen.


Okay… okay… okay… I think I get it. I thought that the User Profile being available was something more for convenience. I started this app before the explanation was offered in my other post, so I will have to go rethink some things based on that new information.

Regarding creating relations or look-up columns, sometimes it’s a hit or miss. I think it is because GLIDE Is still new to me and I am learning the when to use what and the limitations or benefits that come with those decisions.

Thank you for offering further explanation.:pray:t5:

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Okay… I have been trying to figure out what I would need to show… I think these screenshots will work. Please know in advance that I may have taken 3 steps to do something that only requires 1 step (I am noticing that the more I work with GLIDE), but I am learning. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.


I have listened to all of you all’s recommendations about when to use User Profiles and gone back to restructure some things. Thank you :pray:t5:

However, I am still running into the same issue. I am going to try to ask again based the screen shots that I have previously posted.

Is there a reason why the look up column that is a part of the user sheet would only show the currently signed in user as if I am pulling from the User Profile when I am pulling from the Source sheet?

I followed a video that @Robert_Petitto did to figure out when each person’s pick-up or drop-off time is, and that worked well. I used an if-then-else statement to display the message for that particular time. I am able to display it on the user’s personal travel screen, but I would also like the admin to be able to see the messages for each user and group them in inline lists. The only step that seems to prevent that is not being able to show the admin each person’s pick-up/drop-off time. Because the admin’s data for that component is the same throughout, they are all being grouped in one group based on the admin’s data.

I have taken the time to just try to go through each type of column to see if I could happen upon the correct type that would consistently show me the data from each user’s row. Everything else shows the user’s row data except this one line that shows the admin as if they are the signed in user.

I think it may be something I still do not understand about the different types of columns, but I simply want to group the various participants based on their pick-up/drop-off times. It seems like it would be a simple task, but I have not been able to figure it out.

Any assistance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. It is literally the only thing that is not working properly on this app. Thank you in advance.

If you don’t mind giving me access to your app, I can take a look. I expect it’s something simple, but will be much easier if I can see it in front of me. Send me a private message if you’d like to take up the offer.