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Hey, I’m building an app for collectors, one of the features I need included is a checklist feature that allows each user to upload their own personal checklists (an unlimited amount) that only they can access. I’ve got a good idea on how to do it, however the table always interferes, for instance I’ll upload an item to the checklist and it will show, however when I switch users, the checkboxes are there with no detail. Anyway to work around this so that each user has their own private checklist that only changes their perspective without making a public change to the table if that makes sense? Thanks, Daniel

Can you explain what you mean by “uploading” an item?
Also, can you explain what you mean by a checklist with no detail?

What I’m thinking you need is a table with an email column and Row Owners applied to that email column. Each user will have their own rows combine in one table, but they will only see the rows they own. Then they will be checking off only their own rows in the list.

The concept is that users can create a checklist in which they can tick off the items they need for collections and track their progress. By uploading to checklist, I mean adding a checkbox/item to complete. I’m hoping there’s a way I can make these private without columns/rows interfering between users. It would also be handy if users would be able to upload multiple checklists.

I’ll just explain it again, by checklist I mean the entire list of checkboxes/items correlated together. The checkboxes are used to track which items are needed and which ones the user owns. So by item I essentially mean an individual checkbox. Sorry if I don’t make a heap of sense as I’m new to this.

As long as your form includes the signed in user’s email (as an Email Special Value component), and you apply Row Owners to that email column, you should be fine.

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Easy, I’ll try now. Thanks :pray:

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