Can't make personal checklists for users

Hi there, really struggling with this – I’m making a group trip app, and I figured out how to 1. set up user profiles and 2. make it so people can favorite individual locations. HOWEVER, i added a packing list tab, and that is not controlling per individual users. Any thing I check off in one profile applies to all of them. I’m at my wit’s end with row owners and they don’t make any sense, can someone help?

If the list items are shared among all users, then you can create a user specific column to hold the checked true or false value. It will use the same column for everybody, but everybody’s experience will be unique to them.

If each user can have there own list of items, then you can filter by signed in user (less secure), or use row owners (more secure) on a column that contains the user’s email. That will filter the list down so they can only see and check off their own items.