Filter users based on user-specific column value

My app has a list of tiles. Each tile has a checklist. When a user checks an item in a checklist, the app adds the parent tile item to the “My Lists” tab and only affects the list for that user. I am using a user-specific column for each checkbox in the checklist, following the tut from User Specific Columns + User Profiles Demo

In the list details page, I want to show all the users who have the current list in their my lists tab. Is this possible with per-user data? I apologize if this is confusing. I’ve tried my best to demonstrate the problem. Let me know if I can clarify anything.

Perhaps this is a use-case for User Specific Columns + User Profiles Demo

Do you want to filter the list based on custom user values?
Because that’s why I want to do and don’t know how to.

Yes, exactly. I want to be able to filter users based on per-user column values. (ie. show all users who have TRUE in a certain user-specific column)

Not sure if this is what you want, or how well it work with user specific columns, but worth a shot.

Suggestion needed

If you just want to filter the list where the value is true, then you might be able to filter where checkbox is true.

Or maybe I’m not understanding. I admittedly haven’t fully read through your post.

Just from my experiments, there’s no way to filter a list of users via a value from a user specific column (USC). Same is true of relations/inline lists. I can’t create a multiUSER relation from/to a USC. USCs are just that…user specific…and thus any relations or filters will be user specific as well.