How to filter by field?

I need to restrict view to users based on an input field.
User open apps and is asked for a value.
He/she inputs “A001” and app will return only rows with column X matching “A001”.

I hope I made myself clear!
(BTW, users do not have email so filtering by logged in user is not an option!


Store the value that they input in a user specific column, and then use that to filter.

Thanks. What do you mean by user specific column?
If two users are accessing the app at the same time, how would I identify the correct field to filter with?

It’s the same field in each case. User-specific means that the value in that column is unique to each user.
Have a read here…


Darren made the right recommendation. User-specific columns will work when multiple users are accessing at the same time, their inputs are not overlapping on each other.

So you can have a user-specific column, the input will be written to the 1st row of that column, then you can filter an inline list by that value (let’s say Column X in the list’s sheet matches the user’s input).


Thank you both.
Still getting there… I was able to create a user specific column and I could assign a value based on user input but still confused on next steps :frowning:
Should I explore inline lists to figure this out?

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Made it!!
I added an inline list, linked it to the user specific column and… voila!!

Love Glide.