User specific columns - can I make the data public?


I have some boolean user-specific columns, which record that one profile marked another profile as a “friend”.
In some places in the app, I want to make this data available to all users - so that all users will be able to see my friends list.

Any idea if that’s possible?


User Specific columns are just that…columns that are specific only to that signed in user. It’s not publicly available. You would need to use a form to write to a sheet the the IDs of the signed in user and the profile being viewed.

Thank you @Jeff_Hager!
Actually today I’m using the form option, but I felt it’s not flexible enough as I’m not sure how to allow them to remove friends that they’ve added. How would you implement removing friends?

Just a quick idea but since you have that user-specific column value there, show an inline list of friends to each user would not be hard. Then add a toggle or checkbox component inside each “friend” screen that allow the user to remove the friend. Does it make sense?

Make sense, thanks
But what prevents me from using the user specific for friends list is the inability to show your friends to others…

If you just want the functionality of removing friends then you can still show it in secret to each user, if I’m picturing this right.

Do you have some kind of a column like “Is Friend?” = True that is user-specific?

I have in my app the following feature:

When you visit another user profile, you see this user’s friends list, and below you see your friends list, so that you can compare the two.

Seems like if I’ll use “suer specific columns” for adding/removing friends - I won’t be able to support this feature, because user won’t be able to see other user’s friends…

Yeah it seems like the way you should go. It would be very complex to see other user’s friends as you would have to store a ton of data in your sheet to make it happen.

I’d probably create a relation from your profile to the form response sheet, view and open the friend you want to remove, then allow editing with the delete option to delete the record that was created in the form. or you could creative with filtering and instead use a checkbox or switch to hide the friendship from view.

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Thanks a lot!

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@Jeff_Hager I’m looking for a hack that I’m sure you have:)
I’m building a dating app. And I want to allow you to enter one of your friends’ profiles, and see potential matches for your friend. In order to do that, I need to filter the different profiles by range, for example: “show profiles 3 years older or 3 years younger than your friend’s age”.
Now I’m able to do this filtering for the user itself (i.e. showing potential matches for yourself), but I didn’t find a way to do this to a list that is presented within your friend’s profile.
Any idea? :sweat_smile:

This is one feature I’ve really been hoping and waiting for. The ability to filter a relation in the data editor and the ability to compare dates. What I think you might have to do is create an array column in the sheet. Hoping and assuming you have a column that lists the age of the user…you would probably need 7 additional columns in your sheet named (PartnerAge 1, PartnerAge 2, PartnerAge 3, etc). Then use formulas to fill each column based on the Age of the person in the profile. So if they were age 25, then the first column would calculate age 22, the second column would calculate age 23, and so on. This will give you an array column of ParnerAge that you could use to create a relation to all other profiles that match that array of ages. That is what you could use for an inline list of potential matches in the profile page.


Thanks so much, Jeff!
I considered this option, but couldn’t think of a way to filter by age using the array column, while also filtering by gender and other parameters (today I filter on other parameters in the data editor using a template that summarizes the relevant parameters and. I then use the template in relation to all other profiles).
If you have an idea how to combine the filtering, Id be more than happy to hear.

Thanks a lot, as always, your help is much appreciated

I would just create a template on the user profile that joins the user gender and the age. Do something similar in the columns in the sheet with a JOIN function or ‘&’. Then you will have the gender/age to use for the relation.

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Amazing, that works! Thanks so much! :white_flower:

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@Jeff_Hager any idea if I create this array directly in the glide data editor? I’m having serious performance issues and trying to import logic from the google sheet into the editor. :pray:t2: