Personalized checklist per user


I am building a home buying checklist and I would like to customize that checklist per user based on their answers to my questions.

To do so, at the moment, I have two tables:

  1. with the content of each checklist item (this content doesn’t change)
  2. with the answers per user (I create new row per user with their email)

How could I relate those two tables so that each user has a customized checklist? What am I missing?

Thanks so much in advance, this is driving me krazyyyy!!!


You need a third table that has a link to the checklist item and a link (their email) to the user.

I would agree with @George_B that you will ultimately need to build a third table with a single checklist item and the user’s email on each row. Then you can use the checklist layout filtered by signed in user to show all the list items for that user. The question is, how would you build this third sheet? That I don’t know, since I don’t know how you plan to build your list based on answers to questions.

Thinking about this more, you could probably stay with 2 sheets since the content won’t change, and add extra columns to your answers sheet that will contain the checkbox value, then add individual checkbox components and hide or show them based on the answers they provided.

If you could give a more detailed description of the start to finish flow of your app, then that could help us give a better answer. It all depends on how you plan to ask and receive the answers. Is it just one questionnaire form, or would it be a form for each question? There’s a few ways to approach this based on what you want.

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