Points in A Little Help

I am making a app called A little help and I want to make a point system. When someone does a task it gives them 100 points and when they get 1000 points they get a 10 dollar payout. How can I do that? I will be asking a 10 dollar monthly fee to the users!

For the points, if all tasks are rewarded 100 points, use a relation & rollup to count the number of tasks that the user has done, then multiply them by 100 in a math column.

For the payout, I think to make it easy to understand, you can use a math column, divide the number of tasks done by 10, round that down using FLOOR, then multiply back with 10 to give the user a “wallet credit”. Let them request the payout, and only by then will you initiate a transaction to them.

If i make you part of the team can you do it as I am a beginner!

Please do not mention me for help with your apps.


I would advise you playing with the idea first, then come back if you have questions or unable to do it yourself. The community will help you answer those questions.

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I am not able to do but I did it a duplicate version of the app and now the app does not load.
Can you help?

I saw some problems as well, but now mine works:

So is there any integration or way to set up a point system or can @ThinhDinh help me?

I can do the points system, no problem, but I need time to do it :wink:
Somewehere in the coming days!

Sure I have time, go head!

Is it possible to do it in the a little help version that I sent you?

Sure, I’ll do it in both


Just wanted to know the progress of the point system. I have created a private chat system.

i’ll be able to do it tomorrow


Hi, I made an example in the app and explain the logic behind it in this video.
This should be enough to get you further. Play around with it and make adjustments whichever way you like!

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Thanks, I will take a look!