Accumulating Points

I am wanting to build a simple app for my school where we can add and track house points. This is something that all staff members might be adding points to throughout the day at any given time. I also want them to be able to ‘view only’ the point totals for each house. I tried using the Number Entry field, but since that is editing and pulling directly to the sheet, I fear there is too much opportunity for the number to get deleted and then lost. Is there a way to have a button that would just add a point each time it is pressed?

Here is a link to a copy of my sheet

You should make a sheet called Awards where new points are created as new rows. Then use formulas to sum up these points on a per-house basis.

@Cody_Wheeler Take a look at this post. I think what @Christie_Orich-Matth is doing is somewhat similar to what you may also be doing.

I’m going with what @david said above. Works great!

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Great. You may want to take a look at what Christie did however as it may give you some ideas on what other teachers are doing for rewarding students.

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Another thing that Christie did was to allow teachers to award points to a team of students (up to 5) so the teachers would not have to add the points for each one individually. That did result in a pretty convoluted formula in the sheet but will save a bunch of time for the teachers when rewarding points for group efforts. There is also a link in that thread to a pretty interesting teacher in Canada that has a lot of information about “Gamification” of learning. It may be worth your time looking into it.

Not to point to a ‘competitor’. But my school uses ClassDojo for this. Quite successfully.

This future function may help.

This is what I was thinking as well. Have a button for a form that auto submits variables defined by the app creator. As for house points, here’s a demo of one I was working on:

Only thing I’m trying to figure out is how to have an inline list that CANT be clicked upon.