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Hi! I am trying to build an app for my class where I have a spreadsheet with column with usernames, and each name has points. If student puts in their username, they will see how much points they have.

I have spent few hours trying to figure out how to do this simple thing. I know how to upload data with two columns, and how to add a form box, But how do I link the two?
Maybe someone can share an easy step for this. I can’t believe this should be hard.

Вы загружаете два столбца с данными в отдельную таблицу, в одном оценки, во втором имя ученика?
Вам необходимо создать multi Relation в таблице пользователей, от столбца с именем, к таблице с оценками->столбец с именами.
На экране, создайте элемент список и в качестве источника данных для него выберите созданный multi relation

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As a fellow teacher, would love to help you out with this project. To be clear, students won’t see ANY points unless they enter their username? Are they accessing this app from their own device or a public kiosk device?

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Yes, they would not see any points unless they put in their exact username.
They would access it from their own device. I also have their e-mails. I’d say this data is very low-stakes, so I would not worry anyone would do anything with it.

I am sure that Robert will give you the best solution!
Until he has done this, you can try this option:
I will not consider the username, probably this check is redundant.

The points table should contain the following columns:
A column with an point, a column with a user’s Email, a column with a teacher’s Email
User table:
column with user Email
In the points table - set Row owner to the user’s Email column and to the teacher’s Email column
In the User Table - set Row owner to the column with the teacher’s Email
So that the teacher can see all the points, then when you add a new point (a new row in the points table), then in addition to the student’s Email in the student’s Email column, write the teacher’s Email in the teacher’s Email column.

@slscustom.ru is on the right track here. If students have their own email, then the app can be one where they can sign into the app with their email and automatically see their points (no need to additionally enter username).

However, this might not be what you want as it adds the complication of signing in rather than viewing a public app (no sign in) and simply typing their user name.

The benefit, though, is that they

  1. Won’t have to enter their name every time (the app will keep them signed in)
  2. Access to points data is more secure

Of course all of this comes with the caveat that the students’ total points are on a line that also has their email address, like this:

email username totalpoints
amy@email.com amy 100
bob@email.com bob 95

Thank you all for help! I have managed to do what I want with your help!

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