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Hey guys! I’m creating an app to have my students do their homework and practice on it. I put a form for them to answer a few questions after practicing. I’m stuck on how to make a submitted sign that not only show me that the work was submitted but also it shows them if it was submitted or not. Also I’m having trouble creating a path that show me and them how many points they’ve gotten as they work on the different activities.

It’s all about relations. Take a look at my challenges app template. It might help you with the logic.

Maybe this will give you some ideas.

Thanks @Robert_Petitto I’ll look into it.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager I’ll look into those options.

I am working on something like that where my students give feedback and I grade (approve) it.

Mine may be a bit different because I am counting each submission/approval as ONE point.
I have 30 Generic assignments in there now and the goal would be to get to 20.

If you try this out, you will be entered as a student. If you want to try it out as a teacher, send me an email and I can put you on the ‘admin’ sheet.

I also think I have it set up so that you can copy it.

Yeah I was stuck on an app I was doing when I came across the Hamburger app posted yesterday in the showcase. There it became very apparent to have the collection be a relationship combined with the detail view + inline lists. Once you have that logic the rest becomes simple.

Thanks @spencersRus I’d love to see how it works from the teacher’s perspective. My email is

Hey @Robert_Petitto! This is awesome. I really like it. I’m definitely using it in my app.

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You are in as admin.

If you wanna see the student side. Login as a different email.

The two tabs are kinda different apps. Hope it makes sense.

Awesome @spencersRus! I’ll be working on mine. Hopefully with your and @Robert_Petitto‘s help I will be able to do something today.

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Ha! Everything I know, I got from @Robert_Petitto. He’s a legend.

My whole onboarding experience is his doing!

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Hey @spencersRus I copied your app just like you had it but when I signed in with my admin email it dies not show me anything. Here’s the link to what I have. I want to make a few more changes but I wanna make sure that part is working well.

Thanks for your help.

wow, you have done so much more than I ever could. This app has two views (student and teacher)
The teacher is the check mark.

When you log in as the email you gave me. (perez1981santiago) and click on the check mark on the bottom you should see the teacher view.

@SantiagoPerez - I have also done a more streamlined version I have put you as the admin on that one also. If you sign in as your email you sent, you will see the teacher version. If you sign in as any other you will see the student side.

Yeah, I replicated both views and try to get it work. I signed in with my @student” email on the one I made and it works well but when I sign in with my admin email then it does not let me see the grade book.

hmmmm, not sure what is going on between my app and your app??

I see this when I put in your email

here is the second one

@spencersRus I think I fixed it. Take a look at it.

There are only three assignments and they are located as follows:

1, Units=> New York => Hola que tal? => Tarea
2.Units => New York => Mucho Gusto => Tarea
3Units => New York => Que tiempo hace? => Tarea