Class App - Assignment Appearance Change on Submission

I am working on a CLASS APP.

Right now I am trying to keep it pretty generic.

Assignment Tab: Assignment #, Headline #, Description #

All Headlines will have a WHITE box EMOJI in front to indicate that they have not yet submitted the assignment.

Students will click on an Assignment, see the Details, click on a Button when they are ready to Submit.

They will give some Feedback and then Submit.

The submission also returns the Assignment # (as well as the email and time)

I would like the WHITE box emoji in front of the Headline to turn Yellow.

So some sort of if-then statement

If Feeback is not empty then :yellow_square:Headline

But since each Assignment is pulling in Multiple Feedbacks. I cannot do an if/then statement.

Any workarounds?

Data with Relations

This seems like something @Robert_Petitto has done before, I just cannot figure it out.

You’re right…I have done this before! :wink:

In other apps, I give each assignment it’s own ID and merge it with a status keyword (“submitted” or “approved”) in a template column on the main assignments sheet.

For each submitted entry, I do an if/then based on the status of the assignment that results in a matching ID-status template.

In the assignments sheet, you can now do a relation between the assignment and the individual submissions, do a lookup of the user email and filter appropriately.

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Will each assignment have MULTIPLE submissions (not individual)
in other words
Will this relation Match Multiple?

Yes. Do a multiple relation.

OK, I have tried and tried, maybe I did not ask the right question… this is the closest I could get

TWO lists - one from the submission to show status - one from the assignments to show the ones not done.
I wanted ONE big list that showed the status of each … but the multiple relations somehow would not let me …

Oh…gotcha. You’re right…I also use two lists. I can see why you’d want only one. I still think this would work, but you’d do another if/then. If the relation is not empty, then do the lookup (yellow or green), else, do the default (white) title

Thanks! After looking at it now, I think I do like the TWO lists.

The TOP colorful list goes TO the Submissions page, where they can see what they submitted.
The BOTTOM white box page goes to the Assignment Info page where they can see what the assignment is about and Submit it.

It also keeps them from Submitting twice.

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I tried to give this a shot with your original request of one list. I tried to duplicate all of the Assignments and force the first set (marked with a column set to TRUE) of assignments to only show when completed by using a relation/lookup combination and checking for signed in user on the filter. That part was easy. I couldn’t figure out how to get the second set of assignments (marked with a column set to FALSE) to only show when not completed by the user. My biggest hangup was that I couldn’t set the filter with an AND as well as an OR: IF (First Half of List AND Completed) OR (Second Half of List AND NOT(Completed)).

Two lists are obviously the better way to go. :wink:

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