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Could someone explain to me how to insert a “status icon” like the one it was done in the template app “issue tracker” ? (from the Sheet AND Glide perspective)

Hey! It’s just an emoji. The If -> Then -> Else column is used to display different emoji depending on the item status.

You can open any of the templates and see how they are built.

thank you, will try !

In the same sample app, everyone can check/uncheck the status ? how can we limit the use of the status option ?

Limit in what way?

It seems to do what you want, you should create an app - then copy it and give editing rights to the copy.

That way people that have the original can use a form to add things. But not edit them.

Then you (or whoever) can edit (change the status)

I kinda have built it all into a DEMO app here.

One tab is supposed to be the user side.
The other is the ADMIN side.
But it really should be two apps.

Limit the type of user that can check or uncheck @david
@spencersRus you did great but it’s not optimal, thank you anyway

Maybe this post would give you an idea on how to control who can change the status. Instead of setting up a filter, like the post says, just set the visibility on the component using the created email column to check if it’s the signed in user.

Thank you @Jeff_Hager !

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