Need 3 Icons in STATUS ICON for CovidSOS


It is URGENT that my 2 Glide apps HAVE 3 options in Status Icon and not 2.

We have to show our Covid19 Tickets as :-

  1. red - new entries (added automatically from a form)

2. Yellow - ongoing (when someone selects an option or a volunteer enters their name or something)

3. green - resolved (when they check the resolved option or can press a button)

We have more than 1000+ emergency requests, and need this system or a way around this ( with If else image population or relations etc.) to show these 3 Status.

I also tried using a choice button with 2 choices, and 3 images as options and populating in a different column but can’t find an option to generate the “red” image when that column is empty.

Is there a way around?

Please reply asap

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 9.19.41 AM

create an IF ELSE column to assign icon to a status column

Can you please help me with steps? I’m unable to do so.

no problem, what is your column structure? you need to have a column that keeps record of condition for your colors

Can I show it to you on zoom please?

i cant do zoom now, is 1:30 AM here … my wife is sleeping

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take a screenshot

oh sorry…
I’m using status with boolean button. It allows only 2 options. Is there a way of the third?

Also, my entries are being populated through a form.
I’m wondering how to use if else … please refer to my original post message.

Thank you so much for helping me out.

dont use a Boolean…use number or text column… with choice option (create a column for that choice options)

The Choice column then does not automatically populate a “red image” for new entries.

Someone will have to first select -
NOT Resolved - to get the red button

where do you get data to determine what color to show?

The automatic entries that come from the form - show red (because I’m using status)
When I check that button (boolean) - it turns green

It is the status icon option.
But now I want the third one…
It could be any kind of legend - image or glide features like emoji/reaction… but just need 3 legends to show up in my inline list of the entries as they are populated

data comes from form responses? it is a google form or glide form?

Glide Form

all the 3 colors are depending on that form sheet?

The new entry color needs to be red automatically
But when a volunteer opens the request - they have options of “picking” - to be yellow , resolved “green” or not do anything “should stay red”

ok, so i assume… that if you submit the form this column should be empty, then someone can click on it and change to true or false…? in that case you have 3 values… empty, true and false,
now you can create if column and put IF empty than red, if true than yellow, if false than green

What feature should I use for that?
And how will the image work?

which one is to submit form?